Want to make the best out of this spring? We have some home maintenance tips and techniques for you.

Being a homeowner can be a tough job at times as there is always something that needs get done. Before you know it weekend passes by and you find yourself behind schedule. This scenario may sound familiar to lot of us and with spring around the corner, this might be a good time to catch up to few things. We have gathered few tips and techniques here that you can perform yourself starting today.

Change HVAC Filter

If your homes filter is a HVAC system it usually gets around a year use time and should be serviced every year. HVAC filter should be changed by homeowners every three months and if possible more often. A system that has a dirty filter can suffer from pressure drop, which can lead to reduced air flow, or “blow-out,” resulting in no air infiltration at all.  Any of these conditions can cause the system to work harder to keep the home warm or cool.

Repair paintings

You can have a look around the exterior of the house for any peeling paints. Over time the pain may tend to peel off here and there leaving the wood exposed. Spring is a good time to take care of that and re-painting them to save them from being damaged. While repairing, you should start by scraping off the peeling paint and then applying a fresh paint on it.

Re-caulking window frames

During summer or winter it is important to have air-tight windows to maintain the cooling or heating system. Over time the old caulk might dry out and become weak or even start peeling off by bits and pieces. Similarly as paint repairing, you should start by scraping or cutting off the old caulk before applying a new one. This will help the caulk to last longer and improve efficiency of windows and doors.

Servicing the air-conditioning

This is a perfect time to get ready for the summer. You can check if your air conditioning is working smoothly and if any maintenance is needed. Last thing you want for your air conditioner is to stop working during summer when the temperature hits high.

Downspouts & Rain Gutters
Water damage can cause a lot of distress if the downspouts and rain gutters are not maintained properly. It is advisable to perform a thorough inspection and repair or clean out downspouts and rain gutters that are loosen and replace the one that don’t seem to be working.

Flushing out water heater

Flushing out water heater every year /couple of years could extend the life of the tank and the water heater itself. How often this should be done may depend on the water of your area. It can easily be done on your own and there are lots of tutorials available on YouTube explaining the procedure. The water heater operating manual itself should explain the maintenance. However, if you are not confident, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional plumber.

There are lots of other maintenance areas that you can look at like replacing the batteries of smoke detectors, cleaning driveway, preparing lawn equipment etc. If you own a house there will be always something to do around. Sometimes the tasks may seem endless and this can be tackled by making a list. Prioritizing and breaking the list down over few weekends or spare time could be a good starting point. A well maintained house not only ensures a healthy living but also increase your home value.


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