Things you should know about Real Estate Open House

Open house can be beneficial to home buyers in many ways. Attending an open house will help to determine how much people are interested in that particular property. It also gives you a chance to get a glance of the neighborhood. You can take this opportunity to ask some questions and learn about the community. However, it is important to remember that if you like the property, make sure to follow up properly with your realtor to figure out all the facts. In Real Estate it is often not the best offer that a property gets sold to, it’s the first that get accepted.


It is useful to know how long the house has been listed on the market. If you feel like the house has been priced a little higher than what it should be and its days on the market is over 90 days, it is likely that house won’t sell at that price range. It is important to have a copy of listings advertisement at hand and be sure to ask any clarification you may have in your mind to seller agent. If you like the property, it is recommended to proceed with your own realtor. You can even book a personal tour and go and have a look with your realtor.


In most open houses the seller usually provides some paperwork or notes about the house. You can have your own checklist on your phone or notepad and go through them while visiting the house. Some of the basics that your visit should focus on are Home age, bed and bath/size, Natural light, Views, Noise level, parking, Community and school/college, etc.

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Gathering Information

A house can be listed on the market with or without furniture. It is advisable to seek permission before taking any photos or videos. Just because you are attending the open house doesn’t mean that you are going to buy the house. If you like the house, based on the information you collect will lead you to a decision if or not to further analyze the house. The fellow viewers might already have done some research, and if you can engage in a conversation with them, you will be able to gather a little more information. You should easily be able to obtain information about the neighborhood, schools or college, amenities, public transport, nearest supermarket, etc.

Open houses sometimes can be time-consuming and can drain a lot of energy. However, it is advisable to do so, it might take you dozens of home viewings before you realize what you like. You can take as much time as you need before you are fully confident. You can even use open houses as an opportunity to learn the market, gather data, build up your knowledge base and work with your realtor for future home purchases.

If you want to learn more about open houses visit us here. If you or anyone you know need help with buying/selling their home or need help with any Real Estate situation, feel free to contact us.


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